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The Letšeng mine in Lesotho produces the highest quality gem diamonds, consistently achieving the highest price per carat of any kimberlite mine in the world. It is also famous for its large top colour white diamonds and has produced three of the 20 largest white diamonds ever recorded since Gem Diamonds took the mine over in 2006.



Letšeng Princess - 2021

367 carat

US$9.6 million

The 367 carat Letšeng Princess was recovered in May 2021 and sold into a partnership arrangement for US$9.6 million in June 2021, which means that Letšeng will also participate in the margin uplift on the sale of the polished diamonds.



Letšeng Icon - 2020

439 carat

Sold for US$16.1 million

The 439 carat Letšeng Icon was recovered in August 2020 and sold for US$16.1 million in October 2020. The name was given to the diamond as it represents the large, high-quality diamonds recovered at Letšeng.



Letšeng Diamond - 2019

13.32 carat

Sold for US$8.75 million

The 13.32 carat pink diamond was recovered in February 2019 and was sold for $656 934 per carat (US$8.75 million in total) which is the highest dollar per carat achieved by a Letšeng diamond to date. It was polished into a 5.63 carat pear-shaped, fancy-vivid-purplish-pink stone which Graff set in a rose gold ring.

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Lesotho Legend - 2018

910 carats

Sold for US$40 million

This exceptional top-quality D colour, Type IIa rough diamond is the fifth largest gem quality diamond ever found and the largest diamond to be recovered at Letšeng.

The exceptional size, colour and quality of diamonds produced at Letšeng makes it the highest dollar per carat producing kimberlite diamond mine in the world and the recovery of the Lesotho Legend reinforces the unsurpassed quality of this mine.

This magnificent and historically significant diamond has been named the Lesotho Legend to celebrate not only the mine, but also its country of origin.



Lesotho Promise - 2006

603 carats

Sold for US$12.4 million

The 603 carat Lesotho Promise was recovered at Letšeng in August 2006 and is ranked in the top 20 of the world’s largest white diamonds on record. The Lesotho Promise was sold for US$12.4 million in October 2006 and was subsequently polished into 26 D flawless and internally flawless diamonds, the largest of which was a 76 carat pear-shaped diamond.

All 26 polished diamonds were fashioned into a single necklace by Graff.

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Letšeng Star - 2011

550 carat

Sold for an undisclosed amount

The 550 carat Letšeng Star was recovered in August 2011 and was so named to signify the growing number of “stars” in Letšeng’s constellation of large diamonds recovered. The Letšeng Star is also ranked in the top 20 largest white rough diamonds on record. This diamond yielded 12 pairs of pear-shaped diamonds, as well as a main polished stone of 33 carats, also a pear shape, to form a unique collection of over 165 carats of D flawless polished gems stemming from this single rough diamond.



Letšeng Legacy - 2007

493 carats

Sold for US$10.4 million

The 493 carat white diamond was named the Letšeng Legacy to highlight the growing legacy that the Letšeng mine in Lesotho was creating as a producer of significant large white diamonds. This diamond was recovered in September 2007 and was sold in November 2007. Twenty polished diamonds were extracted from this rough diamond.

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Lesedi la Letšeng - 2008

478 carats

Sold for US$18.4 million

The Lesedi la Letšeng, which translates to Light of Letšeng, reflecting the diamond’s remarkable colour and clarity, was recovered in September 2008. This diamond was the third significant recovery from the Letšeng mine in as many years and was sold in November 2008 for US$18.4 million (during the height of the global financial crisis).

The fame of this diamond extends further in that it revealed a 102 carat round-shaped, D colour, internally flawless diamond, making it the largest round-shaped polished diamond ever to be graded D colour internally flawless by the Geomological Institute of America (GIA). A total of 10 exquisite, polished diamonds were also revealed.



Letšeng Dynasty - 2015

357 carat

Sold for US$19.3 million

The Letšeng Dynasty was recovered in July 2015 and sold for US$19.3 million in September 2015. The name given was to symbolise the succession of diamonds from the same family.

During 2016, Graff unveiled the Venus, a 118 carat heart-shaped, D flawless diamond, which was polished from the Letšeng Dynasty, making it the largest of its kind in the world. In total, 23 polished diamonds were extracted from this one rough diamond.

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Letšeng Destiny - 2015

314 carat

Sold for an undisclosed amount

The Letšeng Destiny was recovered in May 2015 and sold into a partnership agreement in June 2015. The name was given to signify a hidden power believed to control future events. During 2016, the Letšeng Destiny yielded a main polished 105 pear-shaped D colour flawless diamond, the Graff Vendôme, making it the largest cut and polished diamond of its kind in Graff’s history. Twelve smaller diamonds of D colour were also extracted from the rough diamond, totalling a polished weight of 164 carats.



Coloured diamonds

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Rarity equals value when it comes to diamonds. Normally, the absence of colour in a diamond will increase its value, but certain colours have proven to be very rare and therefore very valuable, specifically pink, blue and green diamonds. Letšeng has produced some magnificent, coloured diamonds, specifically pink and blue, which have achieved the top 10 highest US$ per carat of all Letšeng diamonds sold to date. Letšeng has also produced yellow diamonds which, although not as valuable as white diamonds, have been polished into extraordinary pieces.

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Yellow Diamond - 2014

299 carat

Sold for an undisclosed amount

This diamond was recovered in December 2014 and sold into a partnership arrangement in January 2015. Unmasking its true radiance, the gem was cut and polished by expert artisans with coloured diamond expertise, which resulted in a magnificent 132 carat fancy cut intense yellow cushion-shaped polished diamond, along with eight other yellow diamonds, the largest being a 21 carat fancy pear-shape. The 132 carat gem, aptly named The Golden Empress, was set into a breathtaking Graff signature necklace, adorned with 30 other cushion-cut yellow diamonds.

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Blue Diamond - 2013

12.47 carat

Sold for US$7.5 million

This rare 12.47 carat blue diamond was recovered at Letšeng in September 2013. It was sold a month later in Antwerp for a record price per carat, the highest US$ per carat for any Letšeng rough diamond to date.

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Pink Diamond - 2017

7.87 carat

Sold for US$1.6 million

This exceptional 7.87 carat pink diamond was recovered at Letšeng in August 2017. It was sold in Antwerp for US$202.222 per carat (US$1.6 million), which is the second highest price per carat achieved for any Letšeng rough diamond to date.