Unlocking value through collaboration

A key strategic objective for the Group is to continuously identify opportunities to unlock value within our business. During 2021, we focused on continuous improvement opportunities to reduce mining-related costs and improve resource use efficiencies. At Letšeng, waste hauling distance is a major driver of both current and future mining costs and fossil fuel combustion-related greenhouse gas emissions.

We identified an opportunity to reduce both mining costs and greenhouse gas emissions through shorter mining waste haulage distances of our waste from the Main pit. Following extensive collaboration between our environmental and mining teams, a new mine waste dumping plan was designed and implemented. The revised plan has reduced the haulage distance by 30%, resulting in a significant long-term reduction of the associated operational costs and diesel consumption, and advancing our sustainability objectives to lower carbon emissions.

By working together to design innovative solutions, we are able to unlock shared value and drive Group goals with regards to maximising value, managing costs and reducing our environmental footprints.