Making a sustainable impact in our communities

We have developed culturally appropriate, long-term CSI strategies in collaboration with local communities. In developing these strategies, we have considered socio-economic risks and identified community-specific needs. We focus primarily on infrastructure development, education, health, small and medium sized enterprise (SME) development, and, where appropriate, regional environmental projects.

We value our relationship with our PACs and understand the importance of our mutually beneficial relationship. Our communities play a vital role in the sustainability and success of our business. We are committed to ensuring that our PACs experience real, sustainable benefit from our operations' existence.

The COVID-19 lockdown and its continued restrictions have significantly impacted our CSI expenditure in 2020, with many projects and other work needing to be postponed. Despite these challenges, we invested US$0.3 million towards CSI initiatives in 2020 (2019: US$0.8 million), with a focus on supporting over stakeholders through the COVID-19 crisis. In line with our commitment to invest in sustainable projects over time, we have invested US$2.9 million towards CSI initiatives over the last four years.

Our CSI programme follows a five-year cycle and focuses on education, health, infrastructure, environmental and enterprise-development initiatives. Our current flagship projects ensure sustainability upon completion, or handover to communities and focus on agricultural advancement, education, and infrastructural expansion. We value education, mentorship and skills transfer.