Leading with purpose

Our purpose is to unearth unique possibilities. We are committed to unlocking potential – in the resources we are entrusted with, in our employees and in the communities we support.

Through our business activities we hope to leave behind a positive legacy for our stakeholders, that continues beyond the life of our mines – a legacy that extends beyond financial measures only.

Our purpose is achieved by empowering our people and creating meaningful and sustainable value for ourselves, our stakeholders and shareholders. This is supported by our vision and way of working, offering all stakeholders a clear declaration of why we are in business, where we are going and how we will get there. For many of our employees, these sustainability initiatives enhance both their engagement and job satisfaction.


Unearthing unique possibilities



To support, develop and empower our people so that:
A meaningful, sustainable contribution can be made to the countries in which we operate; and we can deliver long-term value to our shareholders.

The way we do things


We listen and respond responsibly to the needs of our employees, communities and shareholders. We honour our commitments to all stakeholders, which includes the natural environment in which we operate.


We empower our people and trust them to make decisions that will deliver on our strategy


We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with good governance practices. We pride ourselves on being socially and environmentally responsible.


Everyone matters and is treated equally. We cultivate an open and transparent environment where we value the beliefs, ideas and contributions of our employees, communities and shareholders.

Flexible and open minded

We encourage and consider ideas from employees while remaining responsive and agile.