Protecting natural habitats

We recognise that mining has the potential to significantly disrupt ecosystems and negatively impact wildlife populations. Since 2015, Letšeng has rolled out a bi-annual mammal-monitoring protocol to monitor our potential adverse impacts, as well as the positive effects of the mine’s conservation and management actions.

Collection records for the 2019 survey cycle showed the presence of nine mammal species across the mine lease area, including two species listed as near-threatened (regionally and globally), namely the Vaal Rhebok and Southern African Vlei Rat.

It is encouraging to note that the persistent presence of large and medium-sized animals (such as the Black-backed Jackal and Vaal Rhebok) across the three survey periods provides evidence of the efficacy of the conservation actions and management programmes at the mine, whereby the mine lease area provides a form of protection for these animals. Furthermore, the abundance of rodents, notably Slogget’s Rat and the Natal Mole-rat, provides evidence of stable wetland habitats.