Leading with purpose

In an ever-evolving context shaped by dynamic forces, including the speed of technological change, automation and artificial intelligence, climate change and growing inequality, companies have come to understand that purpose can be a powerful compass to guide organisations through the noise. Moreover, investors and society at large are increasingly expecting companies to articulate their purpose in relation to broader societal problems and, in so doing, regain some of the corporate trust that has been eroded over time.

Regrettably, 2019 saw an increase in the number of lost-time injuries, and one tragic fatality. Our focus during 2019 was on re-emphasising the importance of the Gem Diamonds’ safety system, of adherence to that system, and the importance of undertaking prescribed actions necessary to mitigate identified risks.

At Gem Diamonds, we have long believed that it is our duty to ensure we create a positive legacy for our stakeholders that continues beyond the life of our mines.

During the year, we undertook company-wide engagement to collectively explore, and ultimately articulate, our purpose. The process highlighted that our employees believe that the Company’s purpose extended beyond financial returns. In fact, for many of our employees, our sustainability initiatives enhanced their levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

The outcome of our engagements was clarity on our purpose as a company, which we expressed as unearthing unique possibilities. We believe that this commitment to unlocking potential – in the resources we are entrusted with, as well as the in our employees and the communities we support – embodies the real reason why we exist.

Our purpose is supported by our vision and way of working, offering all our stakeholders a clear declaration of why we are in business, where we are going and how we will get there.


Unearthing unique possibilities


To support, develop and empower our people to ensure that

a meaningful, sustainable contribution can be made to the countries in which we operate, and

we deliver long-term value to our shareholders.

The way we do things

We listen and respond responsibly to the needs of our employees, communities and shareholders. We honour our commitments to all stakeholders, which include the natural environment in which we operate.

We empower our people and trust them to make decisions which will deliver on our promises.

We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with good governance practices. We pride ourselves on being socially and environmentally responsible.

Everyone matters and is treated equally. We cultivate an open and transparent environment where we value the beliefs, ideas and contributions of our employees, communities and shareholders.

Flexible and open-minded We encourage and consider ideas from employees while remaining responsive and agile.