Making progress on our organisational health objectives

Organisational health refers to the general well-being of an organisation, that is, its ability to function efficiently and effectively – adapting to change as the need arises while nurturing growth throughout its ranks.

From the outset of the Business Transformation (BT) process, Gem Diamonds has recognised that the organisational health of the Group is a critical enabler of the success and sustainability of the process. To ensure we took a data-based approach to nurturing the Group’s organisational health throughout the BT process and beyond, in October 2017, we ran an organisational health index survey across the Group to determine the business’s well-being and the areas in which we could improve.

This survey helped us to identify specific initiatives to be implemented as part of our organisational health campaign, with the aim of improving our survey score over the twelve-month period. To ensure the process was inclusive and achieved maximum impact, the campaign included both employees and contractors.

Through engagement with our workforce, the campaign – which was aimed at transforming the way we do business – was named Tsoelopele, a Sesotho word meaning "progress". Thirteen priority practices were identified and grouped under the title CARE, an acronym that stands for Clarity, Achievement, Respect and Engagement. Amongst the 48 organisational health initiatives implemented during the twelve-month period were various workshops, anonymous suggestion boxes, and recognition for good ideas from those who were happy to identify themselves.

The Tsoelopele organisational health campaign ran successfully during 2018, building on the momentum achieved during 2017. A follow-up survey was conducted towards the end of 2018. The results revealed that the Group had successfully reached its overall improvement target.

Given the additional pressure employees were facing as part of the Group’s transformation journey, and when benchmarked against industry peers, the survey’s results truly highlight the significant success of the initiatives implemented. We believe that this progress did not happen in isolation. It demonstrates the deep level of commitment of our leadership and senior management towards the health and well-being of our people.

The 2018 results will inform our processes going forward, enabling us to refine the way the Group engages with employees. In the year ahead, we will focus our efforts on deepening engagement with our contractors through workshops and other platforms to better inform our approach to this important stakeholder group. We will also focus our efforts on developing an employee value proposition that is able to effectively communicate the holistic benefits of working for Gem Diamonds and, in this way, improve employee engagement and retention as we bolster organisational health.