Monitoring pit safety at Letšeng

At Gem Diamonds, we promote a culture of zero harm and responsible care. We recognise that one of the greatest dangers in an open pit mine like Letšeng is instability in the pit walls. A wall failure could not only lead to safety issues, but also to significant financial losses as a result of interruption to production and rehabilitation work that would need to be conducted. In line with our desire to be proactive in safeguarding our people and our assets, the mine has purchased high-resolution pit stability scanners that have been installed around the pit. These scanners work as early warning systems as they monitor potential large-scale instabilities, as well as local scale movements in the walls on an ongoing basis. Reports generated by the scanners are distributed electronically to the relevant parties and in the event of an issue that must be addressed immediately, warnings are sent via text message and email to enable better response times.

Letšeng open pit