One issue raised by employee representatives within Gem Diamonds’ newly formed Employee Engagement Committee was that current Company communication channels were outdated and messages did not always reach the workforce as intended.

The employees indicated a lack of understanding of their place and value in the business and how external matters (such as the Ukraine conflict and the impact on fuel prices) affect each individual. They further expressed a need to understand how each one of them can make a difference in their own way to contribute to the bigger picture envisaged by the Group. Employees requested that communication be conducted through a social media/workforce portal in a manner that is quick, visual and up to date with current technological applications. In response, we introduced a digital employee communications platform in late 2022, dubbed LetšGem.

LetšGem is a smartphone-based, two-way communication app which allows for modular expansion. Smartphone penetration within the Gem Diamond workforce is approximately 95%, so this is one of the best communication methods in this context. The app was developed to enable communication on matters of interest and importance to employees.

Topics include CSRI successes, Company events, environmental news, and a popular series of employee profiles that humanise and provide a new perspective on co-workers. Certain content can be shared via social media.

Employees are also introduced to international teams, reinforcing the sense of working in a multinational organisation with a vibrant value chain.

LetšGem has proven its value; it provides a crucial source of truth on critical issues and allows for direct feedback from employees. The app will evolve in response to employee usage and feedback. We expect functionality such as training, organisational and personal development modules, pulse checks and micro-surveys to be rolled out in 2023.