30 Apr 2008

The Company announces the following awards of Performance Shares (at a nominal value of US$0.01 each), which have been made on 30 April 2008 to Directors under the ESOP.

Clifford Elphick - 34,667
Kevin Burford - 24,009
Glenn Turner - 24,009
Alan Ashworth - 24,009

These Directors do not currently hold any Performance Shares.

The shareholding of each Director in the Company's Ordinary Shares of US$0.05 each is:

Clifford Elphick - 9,325,000*
Kevin Burford - 458,333
Glenn Turner - 600,000
Alan Ashworth - Nil

*Clifford Elphick is interested in these shares by virtue of his interest as a potential beneficiary in a discretionary trust which has an indirect interest in those Ordinary Shares.

Performance Shares under the ESOP vest on the 3rd anniversary of the date of the award subject to achieving performance conditions. Performance Shares which do not vest will lapse.

In addition to the above, Performance Shares were awarded under the ESOP at the same time to senior and other employees totalling 284 404.

The total award of Performance Shares (at nominal value) is 391 098.

Andre Confavreux
Company Secretary