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'Ghaghoo' is the name of a locally abundant camel thorn acacia tree, and is the name historically used by locals to refer to the area, before geological exploration teams arrived over thirty years ago, renaming the area 'Gope' - literally translated meaning 'nowhere'.
The Ghaghoo diamond mine, which was recently official opened by the president of Botswana, , is held by Gem Diamonds’ wholly owned subsidiary, Gem Diamonds Botswana, which holds a 25-year mining licence. The Ghaghoo mine is situated in the south-east portion of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
The challenges encountered during the development of the decline were overcome and the mining is currently ramping up production. The mine is expected to reach its designed throughput of 720 000 tons per year in 2015.

Focus for 2015

  • Mine and treat 720 000 tons of ore
  • Produce 210 000 carats
  • Review options post Phase 1

As part of the Gem Diamonds commitment to sustainable development and minimising the impact on the environments that we operate in, we undertook an extensive study to analyse the possible impacts on the social and natural environment surrounding the Ghaghoo Diamond Mine.


Social and Environmental Impact Assessment Addendum Report: Ghagoo Diamond Mine (PDF)